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I was big in heavy metal during the 80's during junior high to high school. I listened to Metallica, Skid Row, Poision, and many cool "long-haired" rock musicians. I mostly into the electric guitar sounds, drums, and the energetic beat. However, I never really payed attention to the lyrics. As I got older and became more aware of what I feed my mind, I don't get into as much to the "secular" heavy metal scene.

Today (Saturday, December 16th 2006) I decided to expand more on this after sharing with my brother about some demonic strongholds I went through during my "secular heavy-metal days". I wanted to "fit-in" during my years at Battle Creek Middle School, so I would "idolize" what my peers did. They were into heavy metal (80's) music, so I would ask if I could borrow their tapes (such as Anthrax). Then when I got into some depression, I would listen heavily to my "Metallica" music-particulary the "Fade to Black" song; which I've heard of suicide reports due to this song. I was very ignorant, but I didn't realize listening to this music got me more depressed or insane! I remember getting this Metallica poster, which had a picture of a red demon on it. I thought it look cool, but it wasn't cool enough for my dad. My dad would end up tearing it from my wall of my bedroom while I was gone. I came to my bedroom one day to see it gone, which I never talked to my Dad about this ever. I would draw the covers of the "cool" heavy metal tape covers because it just look cool. At school I would copy my peers' drawings of "white power" (dumb), Satanic symbols (star inside a circle), and many others that I don't want to promote on this site.

In my early Christian walk, I've been taught that we need to be delivered from all this junk. I've never felt more clean until I did this. I remembered I would have these repeatedly "bad dreams", which it stopped as I grew in my faith (see personal testimony)

Then when I heard there was "positive" heavy metal music, I got very excited as I try to check out concerts when I get the chance. For example, I've been to concerts of P.O.D.

Around April of 2005, I went with a old high school friend to a rock concert. We saw Necromis and To Bleed For at The Urban Wildlife in downtown Minneapolis

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  • Demon Hunter Infected

    "I closed the comments down cause it w... I closed the comments down cause it was getting a bit ridiculous."
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  • Living Sacrifice, myspace site


    "...@ Club Retro~Orangevale, CA 5/29/08 also on the bill were DEMON HUNTER, OH SLEEPER, ADVENT & THE FAMINE Living Sacrifice is a Christian death/thrash band that formed in 1989 in Little Rock, Arkansas, U.S.. Living Sacrifice was one of the first Christian death metal bands. They formed in 1989 by Darren "D.J." Johnson (bass/vocals), Bruce Fitzhugh (guitar) and Lance Garvin (drums). Later on, Jason Truby joined in on guitar...."
  • Metallica

  • Metallica - One

    God That Failed by Metallica, from
    33 Things You Should Know About Metallica, from
    "1. James Hetfield had an unusual upbringing. The Metallica singer-guitarist�s parents were strict Christian Scientists; the sect's distrust of Western medicine meant Hetfield had to leave class during any health-related lessons in school...."
    James Hetfield - God That Failed Interview

    Interview with James Hetfield 4.9.2008 - 3 SAT (part 1)

    Interview with James & Justin

    METALLICA Frontman Says He Is 'A Reborn Straight-Edge' - May 27, 2010
    "..Hetfield: Right. Well, straight edge, this was certainly a design of my own. You know, the old straight-edge tattoo, it's just like a big X on your hand. No drinking, and I don't drink. It's like when you go into the clubs, they put and X on your hand…
    So What!: Right. It's because you haven't shown your ID.
    Hetfield: And I don't need drink or drugs. That's straight-edge life. Obviously I'm not straight edge — a true, hardcore straight-edge has never had any of it in her or her whole life. But I'm a reborn straight-edge. ...

    Underoath - Writing on the walls

    "Its an awesome christian rock/heavy metal band...rnreallly =) "

    *see Bible


    ApologetiX - Enter Samson

    "ApologetiX Enter Samson"


    Amazing Grace Heavy Metal Version (2)

    "I recorded a video when I played this music, it...rn(more) rnAdded: March 18, 2008 rnI recorded a video when I played this music, it can be found here: Now the music you're hearing on this video in GT was pulled from the video I recorded (see link above). I got a little crazy with the pictures in this. See if you can pick out some interesting things. I was just basically playing with Windows MM and using some of the tricks with pics and whatnot. Kind of cool.......I dig it anyway. Sorry for the blurry pictures of me (except for the one of me as a wild man), they were taken from videos and saved as pics. That didn't work out the way I wanted it to. Anyway, hope you dig the music half as much as I dug playing it. :-) JamesrnrnPS: You can download the song (music) here:rn"


    Iced Earth Founder Jon Schaffer {In-Studio} on Alex Jones Tv 1/4:Sons of Liberty

    "Alex will be joined in-studio by Jon Schaffer, founder of the heavy metal band Iced Earth. Schaffer has announced a new project/solo album that he's been working on the last several months called Sons of Liberty, which he will be unveiling for the first time on the Alex Jones show."


  • Christian Metal-Wikipedia

  • "Christian metal has its origins in the late 1960s and early 1970s in Jesus movement, which was basically a hippie movement with Christian ideology.[4] It has been said that Christian metal was unavoidable because Christian musicians have always copied secular trends.[4] Larry Norman was the first Christian rock band..."
  • Christian Metal Central
  • Metal for Jesus
  • Social Issues

    The Way Of The Master : Satanism (Part 1 of 3)

    "Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort explore the biblical perspective of Satanism (Includes on the street interviews) "
    *see Issues-Accuser, Satan, Hell, etc...

    -Greed (Fame)

    He Sold His Soul to the Devil: Then God Stepped In -

    "Uploaded on Sep 25, 2008 Heavy metal rocker Kirk Martin made a pact with the devil. But then one day a mysterious stranger pinpointed Kirk's deepest secret and Kirk began a journey to God. See how Jesus Christ changed his life. The Christian Broadcasting Network "


    -Heavy Metal/Rock
    Korn - Head2Christ - The FULL video

    "Korn Guitar (Brian Welch) Player turns to Christ from Fame and Drugs"
    Related Site:
    Korn Meets Christ: The Conversion of Brian Welch By Jennifer E. Jones Producer
    " � The busy bees of the media are a�buzzing with news of Brian �Head� Welch of Korn. The hard rock guitarist found, as Southern Gospel folks would say, �that ol� time religion�.
    In a press release on their Web site, Korn announced they �parted ways with [Welch], who has chosen the Lord Jesus Christ as his savior, and will be dedicating his musical pursuits to that end.� It stunned the music world, leaving many scratching their heads and some dedicated fans saying, "It must be some practical joke."
    It wasn't. The following Sunday, Welch spoke at Valley Bible Fellowship in Bakersfield, California, to a cheering audience of 10,000. In his first public address, he said, �I'm the happiest man in the world right now.�
    Welch testified about how his life was on the brink of destruction when a friend gave him a Bible. "It's not about religion," he said, according to MTV News. "It's not about this church; it's not about me. It's about the Book of Life, and everybody needs to be taught this. It's crazy. It's gonna do stuff like this -- like change a guy in a rock band."
    A week later, Welch left skeptics with little doubt when he flew to Israel to be baptized in the Jordan River.
    If this hasn't shocked you yet, then you probably don�t know what kind of music Korn makes. Since 1994, Korn has been a driving force in the rap-metal genre as they fused hip-hop beats with heavy guitar riffs. Their lyrics, mostly based off of the tramatic childhood experiences of frontman Jonathon Davis, are dark, sexually explicit, and disturbing. Condemned by the Chicago Tribune as being �perverts, psychopaths, and paranoiacs�, Korn was a staple on MTV in the late 90s for teens who didn�t like pop music. With songs like �Freak on a Leash� and �Make Me Bad�, anyone from this band would be the last person you�d expect to go to church, let alone profess Jesus Christ from the pulpit.
    God works in mysterious ways, doesn't He?
    Christians should be the people least surprised by this conversion. We know that in Mark 2:27 Jesus said, �It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners� (NIV). If our Lord walked the earth today, we�d more likely find Him at a thrash metal rock concert looking for the wounded rather than sitting in a pew on Sunday morning amongst the righteous. God went to that rock concert and apparently found a hurting soul on stage.
    You may be asking, is this for real? It is an important question. We can all name musicians who professed Christ, renounced their ways, and wound up making the same morally sketchy music they made before. After all, secular hip-hop artists are legendary for thanking God in acceptance speeches for songs that are violently graphic and demeaning to women.
    However, there are exceptions of note. Rapper Mase was a protege of hip-hop mogul Sean �P. Diddy� Combs. As a star act on the Bad Boy label, he was in the thick of the hip-hop lifestyle with a brand new, highly anticipated album set to be release. However, after God gave him a vision of leading people into hell, Mase abruptly retired and disappeared for five years. In that time, he pursued the call to be a minister and wrote a book called Revelations: There's A Light after the Lime. In 2004, he re-emerged on the rap scene but with a clean album and positive lyrics.
    It can be done, and Welch�s testimony may be one that sticks. Hard rock music does not always lend itself to a lot of riding the theological fence. Complete �about-face� decisions like Welch�s are rare. The only one of recent note is Josh Brown, formerly of Full Devil Jacket. After hitting rock bottom, Brown found Christ and now fronts the Christian rock band Day of Fire. I met him last year. He has an amazing heart underneath his tattoo-covered skin. Just spending time with him was a lesson in not judging a book by its cover.
    So, the question shifts from �Is it for real?� to �How can we tell?� It's difficult to judge, and according to Matthew 7:1, it may not be our place to. We wouldn�t have picked half the people God made heroes in the Bible. The Lord explains His rationale perfectly in I Samuel 16:7: �Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart� (KJV).
    In the meantime, we can take Welch at his word. He left the fortune and the pain to take up his cross. In spite of the cynics, the self-righteous and the non-believers, it's good to see another talented musician come over to the �bright� side. God bless you, Brian. Welcome to the family."



  • Heavy metal monk is mild-mannered at heart By Michael Ireland Chief Correspondent, ASSIST News Service Monday, July 21, 2008

  • "ROME., ITALY (ANS) -- A former missionary in the Ivory Coast, Cesare Bonizzi looks like the archetypal Capuchin monk. He has a round-face, is rather stout, with twinkling eyes and a long flowing white beard, and lives in a small friary in the Milan hinterland.
    But beneath his brown robes beats a heart of metal -- Brother Cesare is the lead singer in a heavy metal band, which has just released its second album, according to a story posted to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) website.
    The 62-year-old monk's love affair with heavy metal began when he attended a Metallica concert some 15 years ago. "I was overwhelmed and amazed by the sheer energy of it," he says.
    The BBC says hard rock and heavy metal have, over the years, been criticized as the work of the devil. It's a claim which Brother Cesare, also known as Brother Metal, says is nonsense.
    He started playing and recording cassettes, firstly with "lighter" metal music, but gradually he realized that what really moved him was the hard core, the BBC story says.
    The members of his band were at first skeptical at the idea of teaming up with a Capuchin monk, but their doubts soon evaporated.
    "Five minutes after meeting Brother Cesare I decided to go ahead, because he manages to convey so much energy, that other musicians and youngsters often don't manage to express," lead guitarist, Cesare Zanotti, told Reuters.
    The BBC story says that Brother Metal recently appeared in the Gods of Metal festival in Italy, along with giants such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Slayer, playing to a crowd of leather-clad, hard-core metal fans.
    "It was wonderful being there among all these young people," he told the Rome newspaper La Repubblica.
    The monk said the only problem was that at one stage out slipped an expletive, because each time he appears, "Some people think that I am in fancy dress, they can't believe a robed monk is on the stage playing their music."
    With his booming voice, Brother Metal belts out lyrics that are decidedly gritty, talking about real-life issues and not shying away from sex, drugs and alcohol, the BBC explained.
    The BBC says he does touch on faith and religion, but is adamant that he is not seeking to draw people to Catholicism through his stage performances.
    His second heavy metal album, "Misteri" (Mysteries) has just been released and in a sign of Brother Metal's eclecticism, the new CD draws inspiration from a group of women in southern Italy who sing about Mary, the mother of Jesus. A heavy metal version of that song is on the new CD.
    Other songs talk about how alcohol warms the heart but excess drinking can damage the liver, and how important sex is to man, the BBC says.
    Brother Cesare says he has never had any trouble with his superiors over his choice of musical career and would like to send his new album to the Pope. "He is a music lover and metal is music!" he said.
    The BBC explains that while Brother Cesare always wears his traditional brown robe and sandals as a reminder that he has chosen a life of devotion to God, he is keen to distinguish established religion from faith, and from proselytizing.
    "I do it to convert people to life, to understand life, to grab hold of life, to savor it and enjoy it. Full stop," he says. "



    Heavy Metal Monk

    "Cesare Bonizzi is a Capuchin monk who sings in a heavy metal band. who lives in a friary near Milan, Italy. He is also the singer in a heavy metal band. When he appears to make the sign of the horns, he apparently is giving the sign language handshape for "love.""

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